Motor vehicle accident or workers compensation

Car accidents:

If the accident occurs in MN, or if your car insurance is issued in MN, your medical expenses will be paid by your insurance company regardless of who is at fault. Our staff can help you start a claim. If you already have a claim open, please provide the staff with your claim number, claim address and insurance adjuster.

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Workers’ Compensation:

Under MN law, you are eligible for Workers’ Compensation coverage if you can prove that you were injured at work. You will need to fill out a First Report of Injury with your employer and the insurance has to accept liability. You are allowed to choose your primary treating health care provider (although your employer has the right to get an opinion from their doctor as well). Once you have started treating with a provider, you cannot change without authorization from the insurance company or without a referral from your treating provider. Chiropractic care is limited to 12 weeks.