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At the Body Works Clinic, we are committed to help you achieve the health you want, today and for the future.

A Wholistic Approach to Your Health

Optimal Health

Optimal health is ultimately the result of several interdependent factors. Most of them are in the hands of our patients and we view our role as facillitators of your body's desire to function well when given the right circumstances. We invite you to use our expertise and experience to take you from your current level of health and wellness to the place you want to be. The tools and therapies that we use integrate traditional specific chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, massage and nutritional intervention. We believe that continued health is a dynamic process that is best achieved when patients and health care providers listen to each other to come up with what is right for you.

Health from Within

At the Body Works Clinic we believe your body has the innate ability to recover and stay healthy when given the right circumstances. Our role is to identify the individual factors that led to the breakdown of your health, then develop a plan to assist our patients in reducing pain, restoring normal function and achieve the health they want.


Please visit our calendar to view our current hours and events for the month.

 As of June 2016, the office will no longer be offering DOT physical.  To locate a participating provider, please refer to the following link

In order to accommodate patient requests for appointments before the Labor Day weekend, we will be offering chiropractic care hours on Thursday August 31st instead of Friday September 1st. This will allow us to send both patients and some of the staff on one last long weekend before the beginning of the school year. Massage hours are not affected