SERVICES OFFERED                                 


At the Body Works Clinic, it is our mission to help our patients regain and maintain their health. We offer a variety of natural alternatives which include:

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Chiropractic Care:

We use traditional manual chiropractic adjustments, primarily in the specific Gonstead method. We believe that adjustments do not need to be rough in order to be effective; this allows us to adjust anyone from a newborn, to a 250 lb athlete to a senior with osteoporosis.


This is a cousin of acupuncture performed only on the ear and using a small electrical current rather than a needle.  It has a variety of applications for pain control and some in addiction management.

Active Release Technique:

ART is a patented method to treat difficult soft tissue injuries using specific contacts and movements. Dr. Demel is ART certified for the upper extremity. ART is extremely useful for shoulder and rotator cuff problems, chronic tendonitis and some carpal tunnel cases.



We use traditional needle acupuncture to complement our chiropractic treatments. We use the standard clean needle procedures. Our point formulas are based on the Traditional Oriental Medicine diagnosis based on pulse and tongue patterns. Please note that our office uses acupuncture as a therapy to complement and enhance our chiropractic approach. As such, we do not offer acupuncture as a stand-alone therapy.

                                         Massage Therapy:

Christine uses gentle touch, deep tissue, and various soft tissue techniques for individuals with acute injuries, chronic muscular problems, and general wellness maintenance. Patients with chronic and difficult conditions are co-managed by Dr. Demel and Christine.

Please see the links to learn more about Massage and the services Christine                                                                           offers.

Nutritional Therapy:

Our approach to nutritional therapy includes both diet and food management as well as supplementation. Proper nutritional intervention should be based on your history, health condition, and needs. We begin with an assessment to tailor a program that works for you and does not require excessive supplementation. We commonly use health surveys, diet history, mineral hair analysis, saliva hormone tests, blood allergy tests, and standard blood tests performed by your physician. See the resources and links for a list of our labs and nutritional suppliers. Please be advised that nutritional consultations are only offered to patients concurrently seen for chiropractic care and not available as a standalone therapy.

Custom Foot Orthotics:

Many of our patients have foot and ankle problems that will continue to trigger their spine problems. Custom orthotics can correct those problems.  We work with a company called Sole Supports.  Unlike standard insoles that are purchased over the counter, these orthotics are based on an imprint of your foot and made specifically for you. They can fit in a variety of shoes and their lifespan is 3-5 years.  


Functional Neurology Consult:

Functional Neurology Consults by Dr. Siemers are available once per week at the office.    You may contact Dr. Siemers directly at 507-412-1293 to set up an appointment or for more information click the link below. If completing intake forms please complete all four forms.

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Imaging services:

Our office uses two imaging providers based on patient access and location. Olmsted Medical Center in Cannon Falls will fill radiology orders for plain films, as well as any of the Center for Diagnostic Imaging facilities (Lakeville, Burnsville, Mendota Heights etc..).  You do not need to be a patient at Olmsted to receive services there. Both providers will bill your insurance directly.  For certain patients insurance will require imaging to be obtained through your primary care clinic, in which case we will contact your PCP to coordinate this.

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