With the first nice weekend of the planting season, gardeners always seem to go overboard. And so it was no surprise to see the first wave of gardening strains flow through the office this week.

Enough people have asked me that same question since Monday that I might as well re-post that answer for a broader audience. The question : " what is that gardening-thingy-rocking-stool you recommended last year so that I don't have to bend over my flower garden for hours?"


There are several variants of that same model you can purchase at your local garden store or online. For those of you who grew up in dairy country like I did, you will note one major flaw: it really needs a strap on belt system so that you can tie it to your rear like a milking stool and not have to pick it up every time you move down a row of plants. One of my patients talked her husband into doing just that, and the result was quite spectacular.  So if you are handy, or have a handy living mate, think about retrofitting that. The rest of us will have to wait until the manufacturers make that improvement