Low back stretching basics

Although this article is written more from the body building perspective, it does a good job at summarizing some of the most common lumbar stretches. As in all blanket recommendations, and especially if you are having some active lumbar symptoms, you will maximize the results of your time commitment to your exercise by having your treating provider customize the stretching routine for you. In some instances, the full lumbar extension ( superman exercise especially), may need to be modified or avoided if central lumbar stenosis is present from a posterior disc osteophyte complex. Conversely, the deep lumbar flexion stretches are not compatible with acute/active lumbar disc herniations. For the rest of people, gradually implementing those in your daily routine has a lot of benefits. Our sedentary lifestyles , especially for those people required to sit 8 hours a day, creates some unnatural patterns of shortening in the anterior body that need to be balanced out.