Getting your Pregnant Body ready for Birthing

It has been a while since I have written about chiropractic and pregnancy, because I have been too busy talking about feet, but a crop of pregnant bellies have made their way to the office again, reminding me of this very important topic.

I had a chance to attend an excellent training seminar last month, taught by a very seasoned midwife who has a long history of working side by side with body works practitioners, including chiropractors. As she progressed through her professional career, she started to realize the profound correlation between the neuro-muscular structures of the spine and pelvis, optimal fetal positioning, and successful labor progression. While I have studied the chiropractic approach to pregnancy and have worked on pregnant women for 25 years, I never cease to be surprised by how much more I can learn. Gail Tully’s seminar gave me a more refined understanding of how certain spinal structures determine the progression of various phases of labor and gave me a few new preventive tools as well.

I would highly recommend her website as a resource for pregnancy preparedness. The information is generic and you have to figure out what may apply to your particular situation or not (and working with your local chiropractor can help you devise an individual plan from that material). Here is a link to some daily activities of preparedness that will be safe in most instances.

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