Preventing Chronic Adult Spinal Pain: Is Chiropractic part of a preventive solution?

I have been listening to a series of podcasts on pediatric chiropractic research recently. There is a lot of research on adult chiropractic care and a lot of research in general pediatric and adolescent healthcare, but pediatric and adolescent chiropractic research is comparatively sparse, which made this article all the more interesting. Countries with universal health insurance coverage are more likely to do these sort of studies, since there is not only a public health impact in acquiring knowledge about what prevents chronic, costly health conditions, but also a real economic and budgetary urgency since the buck falls on you alone from birth to end of life.

The hot topics of adolescent and young adult health have usually centered on mental health, substance abuse and reproductive health. However the research is also pretty clearly showing that adolescent and young adults are already in the process of developing the chronic illnesses that become more evident two decades later, namely neuromusculoskeletal and cardiometabolic. And the idea is to start addressing those when they begin a few decades earlier.