Chiropractic care in infants with colic and failure to thrive

I was listening to my usual Wednesday morning chiropractic research podcast of the week where this article was discussed. Case studies, in the pecking order of published research, are a weaker link of evidence of effectiveness for anything you study, however they are still very useful in formulating hypotheses to test out in larger numbers and controlled environments. The article is unfortunately published in an journal that requires a paid subscription for full viewing, as there were interesting details in the full article. In particular, the author questioned the description of “ easy birth” in any circumstances where an epidural was used, since the birthing mom full not be able to sense what it happening to the child, especially if there is any difficulty clearing the birth canal, if the baby gets stuck along the way, or if there are strong contractions while the baby is unable to progress. I have found that to be very true in my own practice experience, with non-medicated moms being able to describe in useful details what was happening to their child at different stages of pelvic descent. But the bottom line of the article remains: children with nursing difficulties, colic and subsequent failure to thrive may benefit for a chiropractic evaluation